WMATA – Washington Metropolitan Transit


WMATA’s existing stationary drop table at the Shady Grove S&I shop raises and lowers locomotive bogies (aka trucks) from the main shop floor to the basement for repair/storage. After many years of use, the amount of maintenance required and cost of parts to keep the equipment in operation was to a point where it made sense to replace the entire system.


The track orientation from the main shop floor to the basement is perpendicular, so a manually operated turntable is required to move the bogies on and off the drop table after being raised/lowered.

Railquip worked with a manufacturer familiar with a similar product and they custom designed a solution to fit WMATA’s existing equipment pit.

Our Process

  • The client put out a bid to rebuild the existing equipment which could only be possible by the OEM.
  • Railquip offered to find an alternative design and manufacturer to fit into the existing pit that would be cost competitive to the rebuild with a new warranty.
  • Railquip won the bid and successfully completed the installation to the client’s satisfaction.

The Results

The new equipment supplied was less costly than rebuilding the original system and was installed in a shorter time period than the rebuild was going to take. 

New, important safety and self-monitoring features were added that are important to keep employees safe and reduce downtime.

“I had the pleasure of working with Railquip’s team on a new Drop Table for DC’s Metro system.  This equipment was new to the existing historical specifications and resulted in a comprehensive and advanced solution that supported the owner’s needs for increased, open competition.  Railquip’s leadership at HQ and on the project provided exceptional responsiveness to our requirements, helping the owner deploy the new Drop Table asset and developing a new Contractor and Supplier for ongoing needs.”

Jeffrey Mertens, Project Manager

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