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Ensuring efficiency, safety, and cost savings has never been easier. Truck turntable, your ultimate work companion.

Heavy Truck Turntable

Increase your productivity

Double the productivity, increase space efficiency, simplify traffic management, and reduce incidents, all while meeting time and cost targets with a truck turntable.

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World ‘s best-engineered truck turntables. Designed to benefit any project needing to maximize available space, facilitate traffic flow, or display vehicles in a safe & outstanding way.

Construction turntable

Our turntables allow for seamless rotation and precise positioning of heavy equipment and materials in construction projects.

Lorry turntable

Railquip’s turntables enable smooth and controlled rotation of a lorry or truck, facilitating easy maneuvering and precise positioning in tight spaces or loading and unloading operations.

Industrial turntable

Reliable and versatile, our designs ensure effortless rotation and efficient handling of heavy loads in various industrial applications.

Low profile turntable

Our low-profile turntable is designed to minimize height restrictions, allowing for seamless rotation and positioning of heavy equipment or materials in spaces with limited vertical clearance.

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We are a company with more than 40 years of experience in railway equipment and rotating platform solutions.

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Florida’s Bal Harbour Shops

Railquip contributed to the development of Florida’s Bal Harbour Shops’ six-story parking garage and loading dock facility, focused on enhancing visitor experience, safety, space optimization, and productivity. 

320 South Canal Chicago

We built the car turntables for the intelligent building 320 SOUTH CANAL, which has won several architectural and engineering awards.



Whiskey Licker Up Saloon

Just three years ago, Ron Covert, our Product Specialist, oversaw the installation of a revolving bar for the Whiskey Licker Up Saloon in the Binion’s Casino on Freemont Street in Las Vegas It’s been one of our favorite projects ever since!

One Chicago Building

We worked in one of the most iconic buildings in the city of Chicago, implementing mobility solutions for the cars of the residents and users of the building’s parking lot.



Frequently Asked Questions

What are the specifications of a car turntable for residential use?

Specifications for a residential car turntable typically encompass:

  • Size (Diameter): Often measured in feet or meters.
  • Weight Capacity: Maximum supported load.
  • Power Source: Electrical requirements.
  • Control Method: Operational details, such as remote or manual control.
  • Material: Construction components (e.g., steel or concrete). These specs also address factors like rotational speed, height compatibility with driveways/garages, safety features, manufacturer’s warranty, and installation prerequisites.
What is the area specification for installing a car turntable?

The area specifications for car turntable installation typically cover:

  • Space Requirements: Dimensions required, often in diameter or square footage.
  • Clearances: Necessary open space around the turntable for safe operation, considering distances from walls and obstacles.
  • Foundation Needs: Details on the required foundation or support structure for secure installation.
  • Electrical Requirements: Specifications for power supply and electrical connections.
  • Surface Compatibility: Information regarding the type of surface or flooring suitable for the turntable, including any special considerations.
What are the different types of car turntables?

Car turntables come in various types designed for different purposes and applications. Some of the different types of car turntables include:

Residential Car Turntables: These are designed for home use and are typically installed in residential driveways or garages to help with parking and vehicle maneuverability.

Parking Garage Turntables: Installed in multi-story parking garages to efficiently rotate cars within tight parking spaces and improve access.

Driveway Turntables: Installed in residential or commercial driveways, these turntables help users easily park and exit their vehicles.

How Much Does a Car Turntable Cost?

The cost of a car turntable can vary widely based on several factors, including the type, size, features, and manufacturer

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