Car Turntables, Stackers, or Turners: Which One is Right for You?

Mar 15, 2023 | Turntables

Do you have limited space within your car parking area? Suppose you have been looking for options to facilitate access to your parking area, ways to avoid reversing maneuvers, or simply an element that adds a distinctive touch to your garage. In that case, you may have found endless products.

Today multiple products, designs, and brands seek to provide solutions to your problems. But do you know which option is right for you?

Before making a decision, we invite you to read this blog to compare and contrast brands and products and choose the correct option between car turntables, stackers, or turners.

Car Turntable vs Car Stacker vs Car Turner

Car turntables and car stackers are high-cost products. When you make this investment, you should be sure you are choosing the best, thus ensuring safety and durability.

Car Turntable

Car turntables are an intelligent parking solution that optimizes space and minimizes risks, avoiding dangerous reversing maneuvers. It is a three-in-one solution, allowing you to access and exit spaces in a forward position, optimize your area and defy design challenges such as tight spaces. 

Our products fit up to two cars (depending on the design), are built with Australian steel, and are backed by our 2-year warranty on all moving parts and a 10-year warranty on the structures. We have multiple designs, flooring, and finishing options, allowing us to meet every single one of your needs. 

Among our products, you will be able to find:

car turntable in USA


Car Stacker 

This product offers you the possibility of storing multiple carts, as these platforms lower, raise and shuffle cars around allowing you to park a car on top of another.

But there are some things you must consider since this system has multiple shortcomings, not only in terms of complexity but also security.

You must have a specific space in terms of height for it to be possible to install the car stacker. In addition, any mistake, be it lousy parking or lack of brakes on the car will cause the car to fall off the platform, causing damage to the vehicle and the people around it.

These systems are not 100% safe, as they usually come with barriers that only shoot while the stacker operates. This can lead to accidents, as cases have been known of people activating the system with someone still inside.

Car Turner

This is another name for the rotating platforms for residential use, automotive display, and photo booth use. Although it presents a solution for parking problems, please note that when you deal with generic or standard design you might be missing on the quality and backing that brands like Australian Turntables have.

Before purchasing a turntable, you must consider multiple aspects that the standard can’t ensure such as: design for purpose,  durability, the possibility of personalisation, and specially the guarantee of the specification of the material in which it is made.

Why are Railquip & Australian Turntables  Solutions My Best Option?

It is essential to know the materials, prices, and processes before making a purchase that will become a long-term investment. Because if you’re looking for a turntable, you’re probably looking for one that will last you a lifetime.

By purchasing a product designed by Australian Turntables, you ensure quality in the engineering and design processes. All turntables are custom designed, personalized to the client’s tastes, and adapted to different parking situations. 

Likewise, these products include additional security elements, which will ensure the proper functioning of the machinery at all times, avoiding accidents or risk situations. For example, you can include the anti-collision system, a sensor system that will stop the rotation in case of a possible collision, and the emergency stop button.

Car turntables ensure safety in parking spaces and are the perfect way to display those cars you are proud of. Remember that these platforms can be installed on driveways and carports, not only on garages and basements.

At Railquip, we deliver tailor-made solutions for residential, exhibition, and heavy industry turntables in partnership with Australian Turntables. All products are made from highly specified Australian steel and have a 10-year guarantee on the structure and two years on moving parts.


A Design Meant For Your Needs

Railquip, in partnership with Australian Turntables, offers the best solution to all your parking and space problems.

If you are interested in including a turntable in the design of your home, remember that safety, durability and efficiency are essential for its proper functioning.

Vehicle turntable

At Australian Turntables, products are designed based on the needs and desires of each client. They implement only high-quality materials, ensuring your turntable lasts a lifetime.

If you are interested in acquiring a turntable, click here to contact our team of experts for more information.