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Established 1983

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North America’s Premier Railway
Equipment Supplier

From equipment and supplies to knowledge and progress, our company is evolving with our desire to reach new frontiers.

We are transportation and mobility experts. Railquip works tirelessly to provide efficient machinery and service solutions for the railway industry. We believe in the power of rail to continue to change the future. We connect our customers and nation’s goals with more reliable, efficient, and sustainable equipment solutions. 

Present & Future – We Keep America Moving

Making the process of general contractors and customers’ lives easier, at Railquip we aim to be one of the world’s leading producers and providers of all industrial equipment for railway workshops. 

Our goal is to provide a superior quality service. By continuing and deliver equipment with European technology and American made craftsmanship, we aspire to be the world’s premier equipment delivery company.

The Railquip History


Established 1983 – The Helmut
Schroeder Legacy


Helmut Schroeder, the founder of Railquip, was born in Dortmund, Germany, and came to the United States in 1966 as vice president of sales for Hoesch Manufacturing, where he was in charge of market development in North America.

In 1983, he became the sole distributor of the Hoesch re-railing system in North America and formed his own company, Railquip. Over the next 35 years, Railquip represented many manufacturers of rail- and transit-related support equipment, shop equipment and machinery, and maintenance of way equipment. Schroeder was interested in fine arts, dining, and soccer outside of business.

Schroeder passed on October 30, 2017, following an illness. His son, Louie Schroeder, has now taken the platform as the President of Railquip, Inc.

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  • Caring for sustainability & emission-free operations

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