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A modern and innovative parking solution that will help car owners to easily maneuver their vehicles in and out of tight spaces. With the ability to rotate a car 360 degrees, the car turntable allows for seamless parking, even in the most challenging environments.

Our Products

We can provide turntables of any size and capacity for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Our turntables are sturdy, reliable and safe.

Parking Turntable

Railquip’s parking turntables offer automatic parking and vehicle lift systems which are ideal for multi-story developments or car park applications.

Driveway Turntables

Our driveway turntable designs can meet any architectural requirement, eliminating the need for reversing maneuvers in tight spaces.

Garage Turntable

Garage turntables offer an easy parking solution for homes and commercial properties, allowing owners to enter and exit in a forward direction.nd quad bikes

Motorcycle turntable

Our motorcycle turntables can accommodate any sized motorbike, including three-wheelers and quad bikes

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the advantages of a car turntable?

Creates Additional Space

If you have multiple cars and limited parking space, consider a car turntable for easy management. No need to sacrifice your backyard or garden. With a turntable, park one car, rotate, and park the next without maneuvering. This space-saving solution offers flexibility for other garage functions. 

Security and Safety

Lack of space in your garage may force you to park your car on the streets, which is not secure. Your vehicle can also be hit by other cars when parked on the streets. That’s why it is essential to install a car turntable. In the other hand, reduce accidents during reverse parking, protecting against potential harm to children and pets.

Increases Property Value

A turntable is a valuable feature in a home. It is also user-friendly, and homebuyers are considering properties with turntables. That means properties with turntables are considered more valuable and preferred by clients.

How to select a car turntable?

Clearance Zone

This is the additional space or meter on the radius that facilitates rotation without collision. The clearance zone ensures your car rotates efficiently. Therefore, consider a rotation zone of 6.5meters or an additional meter for easy rotation of the turntable.

Car turntable size 

The size of the vehicle determines the diameter of a turntable, the number of cars, and the size of your garage. Most car models require a turntable with at least 4.5 meters diameter. However, consider your car size and your space when deciding your turntable diameter.

Power Requirements

Turntables require adequate power to keep working smoothly. Consider the power requirements on the specifications when choosing a turntable. Ideally, the power supply needed is 240v 10amp. The energy is converted within the turntable control box to facilitate its functions.

How much space is required for a car turntable installation?

The space required for a car turntable installation depends on the size of the vehicle and the specific turntable model. But consider a rotation zone of 6.5 meters.

How much weight can a car turntable support?

Depending on the model at Railquip we provide operating weight capacities that vary from 4000 Kg for the compact CTX with single car accommodation up to 8000 Kg for the CTX+ and its various diameter options.

Can car turntables be customized to my house?

Railquip would create a turntable for any design, application, or size to meet your specific requirements. We will work with you from concept drawing to project completion.

We will design, engineer, manufacture, and install your turntable as you like. You are guaranteed quality since we are industry experts in rotating mechanisms.

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Our Projects

World’s best-engineered vehicle turntables. Designed to benefit any project needing to maximize available space, facilitate traffic flow, or display vehicles in a safe & outstanding way.

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We were honored to be part of this development, inspired to improve experiences, safety, optimize space and improve productivity. ⁠Six-story parking garage and loading dock facility: Zyscovich Architects

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