6 Reasons Why Turntables Are An Essential Part of Modern Garages

Nov 15, 2022 | Turntables

Nothing is as frustrating as parking a car in a garage with a narrow driveway or small garage space. You have to make crazy maneuvers just to park the vehicles right or exit. If this situation describes your case, try using a garage turntable to solve your problem. Below are some compelling reasons why homeowners with space constraints need to consider car turntables for their homes.

1. Easy and convenient parking

We all know how tough it is to park multiple cars in a narrow or limited space.  You can simply your parking by having a car turntable installed on your property. This way, you won’t ruin your backyard or garden trying to fit many cars in your garage or alley.  A properly installed turntable is a space-saving solution. It allows you to park one car, rotate the turntable, and park the next one. Whenever you’re exiting, you don’t have to struggle making turns.

Having a narrow or limited parking space in your home means there’s only so much you can do to make turning circles. You may have to reverse your car for several minutes just to get them parked properly. 

It is an extremely tiring endeavor for people with neck strain or back problems; whether manual or electric powered, a car turntable makes parking a breeze—all you need to drive and park the car onto your turntable. Just rotate the turntable 180 degree and drive out of the driveway when you want to leave.

2. Additional parking space

If you only have one car, parking space may not be an issue. However, adding another two or three more vehicles to your fleet may become necessary as your family grows. The additional cars bring parking challenges with them. If you don’t manage your parking, you may find yourself parking multiple cars within a limited space. That’s a nightmare for sure. To get around this, you might have to sacrifice valuable space in the front garden to accommodate the other cars.

A car turntable is just what you need to get out of the parking dilemma in your home. The good thing about this solution is it can be customized to fit a particular section, with full consideration to vehicle size,  weight, quantity, and turning cycles. 

Best of all, installers can customize the turntables with a variety of materials. You can choose from hardwood, pave, concrete, or steel floor. So, you don’t have to worry about house design or style.

3. Ensures highway code compliance

In some neighborhoods, residents have to abide by local regulations to meet local planning requirements. Installing a car turntable in your property or home allows you to overcome any environmental or safety concerns. The upside is you will be able to reverse onto heavy traffic or even park on the roadside without bothering motorists and other road users.

If you are yet to satisfy specific local planning requirements, having residential turntables can also help you concerning entry and exit points. A common requirement is to enter and exit your driveway in the forward direction. 

A turntable allows your car to face the stipulated direction for entering and exiting locations. Using the turntable, you can maneuver your vehicle easily as your family grows, especially if the areas you’re trying to access have space constraints.

4. Enhances Your Property Value

Every property owner who puts up their home for sale wants to get top dollar for their asset. The benefits associated with a turntable won’t go unnoticed. Custom finishes on your residential turntable will boost your property value. By installing a garage turntable, you maximize the potential of your property, something most prospects consider when buying a new home. Homebuyers looking for easy access and exit from their property will snap up your home.

Most clients typically wish to have their turntables finished with the same materials as the surrounding area. Options include paving, tiles, and aggregate. You can also have features like rotating light on the platform or LED lighting beneath the turntable to illuminate the gap. Whatever creative ideas you have, we’d like to help you bring them to life.

5. Improve vehicle security and safety

In some neighborhoods, homeowners are forced to park their vehicles by the roadside due to tight parking spaces in the garage. This move exposes them to risks such as car theft, vandalism, or hit and run accidents by passing vehicles. Car turntables eliminate these risks. Not only do they prevent residents from parking by the roadside, but it also makes it difficult for car thieves to steal a vehicle that sits on a 90-degree angle.

In addition to boosting vehicle security, car turntables can also reduce accidents. A turntable makes your garage safer to enter and exit, translating into fewer accidents, especially around toddlers and children who might suffer injuries as cars reverse. 

 You’ll no longer worry about knocking a child who’s playing on the driveway as you reverse your car. The electric option is much safer as it requires a remote control to operate.

6. Creates Space for Other Use

Chances are you’re planning to use your garage for a different function but don’t know how to go about it. If that’s the case, you want to make sure you customize this space so you can park your car but still be able to use the area for whatever reason you see fit. 

Installing a car turntable in a strategic location helps you do that. Not only will you create extra space for your car, but you also have the freedom to convert the remaining space to any use.

Think about how many minutes you spend each day trying to maneuver your way out of the garage. 5 minutes? 10 minutes? These can easily add up to several hours a year  – time you’d have spent doing useful things. As well as saving time, turntables also help you purposefully utilize your space. 

Space is a premium in the market. Any inch or square meter of space that you can put into good use can lead to better returns on investment. With a functioning turntable, you get to save both money and space.

Guide to Choosing a Car Turntable for Your Home

Only a few homeowners can comfortably buy larger homes when they feel they need to expand their space. One common method of expanding existing homes is to enlarge the property over the garage. Some even convert a section of the garage or the whole of it into a room. When making these decisions, it is wise to consider the space available for your cars. Turntables are one option for your property as they allow you to maximize the space within a small area.

Tips for installing a garage turntable

If you are thinking of maximizing property space by installing a driveway or garage turntable, keep these six helpful tips in mind:

  • Choose a turntable with a diameter of 4.5 meters as it can suit most cars on the road
  • Leave a clearance zone for your vehicle to swivel and an extra meter in the radius
  • Use anti-collision sensors in rotation zones with less than 6 meters of space.
  • Try to install turntables in flat areas or a single plane with a single plane incline.
  • Ensure there is a 240-volt power supply to power your turntable
  • Search for a trusted supplier and installer of car turntables in Atlanta Georgia

Why install a car turntable?

You already know that parking area is at a premium and roads are getting busier. If you live near a busy street or have a difficult driveway, having a car turntable isn’t an option. Even the smallest car can’t do a U-turn in a single driveway unless it sits on a turntable.

Car turntables in Atlanta, Georgia, are far more convenient than your car turning circle.  They enable you to turn your car 180 degrees around within your gravel or asphalt driveway, allowing you to drive forward-facing into the street. What this does is reduce the risk of car accidents. You can exit your driveway securely and not worry about holding up oncoming traffic while trying to exit in reverse.

Apart from their aesthetic benefits, residential turntables in your property can also enhance accessibility in areas where access is currently limited. A common application of turntables in car parks, where these solutions reduce the number of maneuvers vehicles have to make. 

The fact that the turntable’s base can make a complete turn means you don’t have to turn the car around to drive out. You just need to allow the turntable to rotate the vehicle in the direction you want. This solution improves safety in a street or environment with heavy traffic as there is less maneuvering around in all directions.

Frequently asked questions on turntables

Find answers to common questions concerning turntables.

Do I need to get planning permission to install a car turntable?

You don’t usually need a permit. However, there are areas where the local authorities are strict about what you can install on your property. A typical example is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Contact your local planning office to confirm whether restrictions apply.

How much space does a turntable require?

A turntable needs an area of 4.5m to 5m in diameter to turn your family car through 360 degrees. The turntable is usually smaller in size than this area as it only accommodates the footprint of your car’s wheel. When shopping for a turntable to solve your parking woes, ensure the turntable is 1m wider than the car’s wheelbase. It’s advisable to install in the largest possible turntable that your budget and location can allow.

Can I fit the turntable myself?

You can install your turntable if you are practically minded, fit and healthy to do so. People who self-install may find the experience is both personally and financially rewarding. While it is possible to perform a DIY installation, it’s not the best route to take. If cost is an issue, you have the option of doing preparatory groundwork, so installers and can fit and commission your new residential turntable.

Can you fit the turntable on a slope?

Yes, a turntable can be fitted on a slope up to 1 to 10 gradient, provided it is a motorized model. Manual models are to be fitted in level areas only due to the pendulum force associated with an unevenly distributed car weight.

How big should the hole in the ground be?

Excavated areas for standard turntables need to be 100 mm. This is the space between the concrete base that the turntables rest on and the finished ground level. Some areas like where the center bearing is fastened in motorized models can go slightly deeper.

Can I use my turntable if there is a power cut?

Yes, you can still operate your turntable when there’s a power outage, provided the turntable sits on a relatively level plane. There is the option to disconnect the drive mechanism so you can rotate the turntable manually until power is restored.

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