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Railquip is a provider of turn-key machinery installation as well as servicing all types of rail and automotive maintenance equipment.

Our service technicians have 15+ years of experience in servicing railroad and automotive maintenance equipment. They can provide both routine maintenance and emergency repair for rail shop equipment from multiple manufacturers.

The range of expertise covers hoists, turntables, transfer tables, drop tables, automotive turntables, and more. In addition to these services, we provide full preventative maintenance contracts, evaluations, and diagnoses.

Railquip Service Offer:

Your equipment is a considerable investment. Railquip can help protect and prolong the life of your equipment with our after-sales service. Past and existing customers of Railquip can always receive the benefits of our after-sale services and support.

Our team of experts can offer the following services: customer service, maintenance and inspections, installation and installation supervision, equipment servicing, on-the-spot operation and maintenance training, and know-how transfer. We can also offer periodic service contracts to help guarantee longevity of your equipment.


Whether you need a minor or major repair and/or spare parts, our parts and service department can deliver extensive knowledge on fulfilling your need(s). At Railquip, we carry common spare parts and the necessary special tools for testing machines. Repairs must be performed efficiently and with the proper technical expertise to ensure minimal issues in the long-run. If on-site repair is required, we can provide you with an upfront estimate of costs prior to delivering the service.

In the event that a critical piece of a customer’s equipment is out of service, Railquip can, in most cases, provide loaner equipment.


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