The current process to maintain the train wheels was using unsafe practices and unnecessary pollution in the workshop.

They needed to pull the locomotive trains over the wheel truing machine in a safe and effective manner.


Our Railcar Mover allowed for BNSF to offer a safe and reliable solution for shunting locomotives over a wheel truing machine. The electric railcar mover we selected for this project is: E Maxi – L.

Our Process

  • We analyzed the weight and dimensions of the train and the workshop to select the appropriate model.
  • We fully customized the railcar mover to the specifications needed for the project.
  • Design and build was engineered in Germany up to American standards 
  • We installed and provided full training to the BNSF team to ensure best practices and maintenance is done.

The Results

Since having the Railcar Mover they have been able to work more efficiently increasing productivity, providing a safer workspace for employees and reducing their  carbon footprint.

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