Our task was to design, manufacture, and install a rotating bar floor in an existing 2nd-floor restaurant, taking into consideration the limitations imposed by the existing building structure, which imposed restrictions on weight and height. Therefore, a shallow pit and a lightweight design were essential.


The resulting solution was a rotating bar floor with a 32ft outer diameter and a 20ft inner diameter. It maintained a height of 12″ and was constructed from aluminum to minimize overall weight.

Our Process

  • We collaborated with an Australian manufacturer to craft a rotating bar floor that adhered to the height and weight restrictions. 
  • Throughout the project, we incorporated additional features to meet the client’s requirements, including providing extra support for bar stools.
  • The installation was completed within the contractor’s specified timeline, and we also provided training to the Owner on its operation and maintenance.

The Results

The Owner successfully introduced a distinctive and captivating addition to their casino restaurant, enhancing its appeal to potential patrons. The Whiskey Licker Up Bar, situated within Binion’s casino on Fremont Street, now provides every bar visitor with a view of one of Las Vegas’s most popular attractions.

The turntable controls enable a continuous rotation at a comfortable speed, with adjustable speed options available. Furthermore, stop limits have been aligned with the doors to facilitate staff movement as they enter and exit the bar area.

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