E MAXI L – Battery Powered Railcar Mover


Key Specifications

  • Greatly reduced maintenance costs
  • Quiet operation (no noise pollution)
  • “Green” design concept: no air pollution, not affected by fluctuating fuel costs


Rotating amber beacon.
Available with capacities ranging from 110 tons to 1,500 tons on straight and level track.
Extreme maneuverability (140 degrees). Turn on the spot by all-wheel steering.
  • Max. trailer load 350 t on level-even tracks
  • Dimensions (approx.) L: 3000 mm, W: 2000 mm, H: 1260 mm
  • Weight 5100 kg / 6500 kg
  • For track gauges from 1435 mm to 1676 mm
  • Drive type battery
  • Four-wheel drive

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