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The portable hydraulic rerailing equipment is designed for rerailing cars and locomotives. The light weight of the rerailing equipment makes it a useful and cost-effective tool in solving rerailing problems safely and quickly, preventing further damage to track or rolling stock.

The light metal alloy rerailing system is easily transported to the scene of a derailment by a road/rail equipped truck, road/rail equipped trailer, rail bound car, truck or helicopter. Custom designed packages are available depending on the type of rolling stock. From the heaviest locomotives to the lightest LRV’s , Railquip’s re-railing equipment will get you back on track in the quickest , safest and most efficient  length of time. We offer in-house repair for the re-railing equipment with up front estimates to eliminate surprises.


Railquip offers a complete line of railcar movers designed to satisfy your car moving needs in and around your shops and yards. Available in models propelled by forklifts, gasoline, diesel, propane and our most popular battery powered models with capabilities up to 1000 tons, we have one that will fit your needs. Please review our catalog and contact us about a free demonstration.


Railquip’s customer base includes rail and transit operations across North America, South America and US territories .Not only do we work directly with customers, we also provide sub-contracting work for major projects, providing turnkey packages of maintenance facilities machinery and equipment


Once our customer, always our customer. Our engineering and technical support staff is second to none. We provide maintenance and service support for all products we supply. Our “no surprises” approach to on site maintenance and repair services includes an upfront estimate of costs, excluding repair or replacement parts.

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