Benefits of Using Electric Jacks For Lifting RailCars

Nov 15, 2022 | Lifting Equipment

Maintaining the structural integrity and reliability of locomotives is the top priority for companies in the railroad industry. Portable electric jacks play a huge role in servicing transit cars in the United States and the United Kingdom due to the industries that rely on railroad transportation.

Several features have made the portable electric jack effective than other railcar jacks for lifting locomotives.

Features of

Portable Electric Jacks

Electric jacks can utilize any flexible floor space to support substantial floor loading and turn it into a repair area for rail cars. Their portability makes it effective in positioning individual jacking units in the system, making it easy to adjust several support points on a rail car.

Portable electric jacks are considered safer than other jacks because of their ability to synchronize with additional jacks, which allow locomotives to move in unison among the jacks at all times. It, therefore, eases the maintenance of transit cars of different carrying capacity.

Electric Jacks have the advantage of being electrically powered and have screw-driven machine systems capable of self-locking for better security and safety during vehicle lifting operations.

Despite the vehicle’s weight capacity, this specialized equipment comes in diverse lifting heights to meet the customer’s specifications.

Portable electric jacks have other control systems that utilize a programmable controller for better safety interlocks and warning systems. There are electrical jacks with accessories such as; motion control, remote control, load sensors on jack pads, upper and lower limit switches.

Braking Systems in Rail Vehicles

Quality and performance are the key elements for an optimal braking system in all railroad companies to guarantee safety. With the help of innovative software and hardware solutions, companies can design optimized braking systems for better vehicle operation.

Onboarding professionals with the experience required in the railroad industry ensure you get the safest and most reliable braking systems interface for your locomotives. Several items need to be tested before integrating the braking system into the vehicle.

Brake systems in transit cars should function without going against their reliability principles of putting the rail car in a stationary position. Regardless of the braking system in use, the main function is to lower a transit car’s kinetic energy ultimately. Still, it is.

Types of Brake Systems in Transit Cars

Transit cars have two types of braking systems that follow a unique process in bringing the rail cars to a stop. The two commonly used brake systems in railroad vehicles are pneumatic brakes and air brakes.

Air Brakes

This braking system uses compressed air to put pressure on the brake components, which stop a railroad vehicle completely. The compressed air inside the brake cylinder pushes against the brake pads, which transfer downwards to the wheel of the transit car.

This braking system called for an improvement in the design of the brakes to eliminate avoidable errors and enhance effectiveness. Because of this need, a better and improved design was developed with better features and quality in service.

Pneumatic Brakes

The pneumatic brake functions the same as the air brake system. Still, it is specific on the vehicle items that should be streamlined via electrical systems for a more streamlined braking experience. The railroad vehicle uses mechanical connections to efficiently apply pressure to the brake motor to transfer force through the entire rail vehicle.

Using Portable Electric Jacks for Maintenance

Railcar jacks have revolutionized the railroad vehicle industry by providing an effective and easier solution when accessing hidden parts of locomotives. Before the portable electric jacks, railroad companies used cranes to lift transit cars for routine maintenance.

The help of an electric jack easily accesses systems such as the brake, battery, and engine. Jacks can be used to lift the entire train efficiently through a set of synchronized processes that control all the railcar jacks simultaneously.

Portable electric jacks can raise entire transit cars during mechanical checkups and upgrades, rather than splitting the train into sections. A wide range of engineering accessories can be applied effectively through portable electric jacks and refueling and waste recovery and disposal.

Over the years, the railroad industry has made numerous strides towards technology-based solutions for enhanced travel and freight transportation safety. From the earlier hand crank railroad vehicle to the modern electric train, jacks have made maintenance of trains easier and effective in identifying and solving technical issues.

Wheel Truck Turntables in Transit Cars

The turntables are meant for a smooth and swift rotation of railroad cars in any capacity or size to meet the specific customer specification. There are two types of turntables which are; manual and motorized turntables.

To limit the need for extended track turnabouts, turntables are motorized with a remote operator station for safety and easy use. Having the best company to construct a turntable gives you a well-balanced station perfect for metro and freight services.

We conduct a thorough assessment of your specific equipment needs before providing you with a maintainability solution that ultimately increases your equipment uptime. We focus on lowering your unscheduled downtime by modernizing and rebuilding older equipment to improve service time.

We have professionals who have experience in turntable construction and can design the turntable of your choice. Our company guarantees; reliability, less maintenance, durability throughout the project, and easy installation from locomotive turntables, railcar drop tables, and turntable tops.

Locomotive Maintenance Equipment

Our company is established and transited in the transport and maintenance industry as the top distributors in equipment such as portable jacks, explosion paint booths, turntable construction, transfer tables, custom access rail gantry, and custom engineered solutions.

There is no problem we cannot fix when it comes to railroad vehicles by properly assessing the issues of the locomotives and using quality products and accessories to improve the functioning of the train. Our focus is to ease passengers and freight travel from one location to the next without affecting the systems involved.

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