Portable Electric Jacks


Key Specifications

  • Highest standards of lifting safety
  • Lifting capacity of 5 -60 tons per column
  • Lifting sets can be controlled from a single column or a central console


Self-locking, non reversing lifting spindle nut with safety follower nut.
Enclosed gearbox with brake motor with long life lubrication.
Customized lifting accessories.
  • Low position of the lifting cantilever above the top of the rail.
  • Lift columns are of Heavy Duty all-steel construction with built-in roller guides.
  • The self-locking lifting spindle is suspended from the upper head by a self-aligning roller
  • The gear motor contains roller bearings sealed in an oil bath, flanged to the brake motor.
  • The spindle nut is made of cast bronze.
  • The lifting carriage is guided within the lift column by means of wheel-flanged rollers.
  • The cantilever can be designed to be horizontally adjustable by means of a manually operated gear.
  • Columns can be designed to be moved by hand on the concrete floor, on an embedded auxiliary rail, or electrically on an auxiliary rail.
  • The lifting columns are lifted and lowered on their traveling wheels by means of a hand crank.
  • Lifting sets can be designed to be controlled from a single column, hand-held remote control pendant, central console, or any combination of the three.
  • Customized lifting accessories, cross beams, claws, or other suspensions can be offered for differing situations.
  • Rolling Jack Support Stands in various capacities are available.