Switch Inspection Systems

Switch Inspection Systems


Key Specifications

  • Flexible, mobile, and reliable, one-person operation.
  • PTP is resistant to any electromagnetic effects and can be used in any weather.
  • No reading errors.


General system advantages
Flexible, mobile, and reliable, one-person operation. No switch file booking sheets, and no reading errors, but increased measuring accuracy and directly measurable values as well as their systematic capture, evaluation, and storage.

This is the latest version of switch measuring systems. It has been optimized on the basis of the knowledge, experience, and needs of its users.

  • Software, measurement electronics, and the measuring device itself has been purpose-designed as a single integrated system. All components thus form a unified whole so interface problems are eliminated. A long measurement base allows direct measurement even across gaps, especially at obtuse crossings.
  • Opto-electronic sensors eliminate reading errors and inaccuracy due to parallax. PTP is resistant to any electromagnetic effects and can be used in any weather.

4 components 1 system

  • Display showing measurement positions and a simple membrane keypad for storing the measured values. Memory for 3000 measurements or 60 switches ( per memory module). Request and execution of a detailed multistage checklist covering a variety of menu items. The display can be rotated through 180°.
  • Digital basic measuring device with optoelectronic sensors, sliding clutch for defined.
  • Rolling adaptor trolley as a platform for the basic measuring device and for transfer.
  • The software handles all switch and crossing data listed in switch file sheets. Master switch data: the number of measurements is unlimited. Two bitmaps plus textual information may be stored for each type of switch. Multi-stage checklist for a qualitative check on switches under the following heads: measuring position, technical detail, condition, size/number, and maintenance recommendations.
    The switches to be inspected are compiled into one worksheet by means of the Profi software. The PC then loads the worksheet into the memory module. The display of the measuring device shows the information on the switch number, switch type, measuring position, etc., together with the measurements themselves. The user-friendly menu offers a free choice from among the switches stored. It suggests the order of measurements within the switch, highlights the measurements carried out, and indicates the measurements yet to be made. It allows the selection or input of structural defects from a pre-defined, multi-stage checklist. All measurements and records of defects are stored in the memory module. After switch inspection, the data gathered in the memory module is passed to the PC and may be edited on-screen or printed out. The memory module is then available for reloading. The inspection results obtained at pre-defined intervals are added to the switch history which thus provides a record of the whole life of the switch. The switch maintenance requirements and spare parts needed, together with their costs, can be included in the switch history which thus allows a technical and financial review of switches at any time.
Flexible, mobile and reliable, one-person operation.
No switch file booking sheets, no reading errors, but increased measuring accuracy.
PTP is resistant to any electromagnetic effects and can be used in any weather.

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  • Digital basic measuring device: microprocessor–controlled, four–line LCD (2.9 X 0.9 inches, illuminated), optoelectronic sensor – resolution: 0.003937 inches, weight: 6.6 lb.
  • Memory module: storage capacity: 3000 measurements or 60 switches, 2 NIMH batteries-operation time: 25 hours, weight: 7.7 ounces, dimensions: 2.9 X 2.6 X 1.2 inches.
  • Software: for all switches and diamond crossings (with or without slip), for all gauges, freely programmable measurement points, theoretical values and tolerances, four-stage checklist, switch history, Windows 2000, NT 4.0 and XP (Standard delivery package: CD, handbook).
  • Switch caddy: operation level 28.7 inches above the top of rail, insulated, weight: 53 lb.

Data can be imported and exported via a docking station and takes no longer than two minutes, even for a full memory setup module with a basic device. The measuring device can communicate with a PDA or a PC via a RS 232 interface.