Railcar Wheel-Set Changing System

Railcar Wheel-Set Changing System


Key Specifications

  • Quick and efficient change of wheelsets on train systems
  • Increase safety
  • Quality & warranty


The Wheelset Changing System is developed and designed to ensure quick and efficient change of wheelsets on train systems. This development grants best suitable access to all major parts of the wheelset during disassembly and reassembly works. Maintenance staff/operators are standing safely on pit level -1.850 mm between the rails on both sides (front and rear) of the Wheelset Changer and at level -950 mm on both sides of the wheelset to be changed. The movement of the Wheelset Changer within the pit is done by battery operated drive system, lifting and lowering/operation of Wheelset Changer is done by main power supply, socket boxes for power supply are at close range of each pair of rail bridge. The Wheelset Changer is also designed to allow change of underfloor components of suitable size.

Scope of delivery:

1 ea. complete Wheelset Changing System consists of:

6 ea. Rail Bridge Pairs

The Rail Bridges are designed as solid bar construction with a one-sided pivot bearing arrangement, slewable by 180°. They are mechanically locked in closed position. The closed position is controlled by means of a limit switch which passes on a signal to the Workshop Management System (WMS).

2 ea. Bogie Support Jacks

The Bogie Supporting System can be moved by hand on the workshop floor at level -950 mm. For supporting the bogie frames a threaded spindle can be raised manually to grant contact between the head of the supporter and the supporting pad at the bogie frame. The travelling devices of the bogie supports are spring mounted and are disengaged when loaded.

2 ea. Wheelset Pallets

The Wheelset Pallet is a welded steel construction with integrated transport pockets, which accommodates the wheelset during changing process.

1 ea. Wheelset Changer

The Wheelset Changer consists of a special rigid hydraulic scissor lift with a top mounted turntable platform. This turntable platform is mounted on the top of the scissor lift in order to carry the movable Wheelset Pallet. It can be pushed crosswise on the platform by means of a hand operated spindle. The electrical power for the hydraulic aggregate is connected to the workshop power supply via a cable.

Quick and efficient change of wheelsets on train systems.
Increase safety.
Quality & warranty.

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