Digital Switch Gauge & Cant Measurement Device

Digital Switch Gauge & Cant Measurement Device


Key Specifications

  • Higher level of accuracy
  • Digital technology
  • Simple to operate


General system advantages

  • The measuring system shows all measured values on a clear LCD display. That means all data is easily seen at a glance and reading errors or inaccuracies are avoided thus optoelectronic sensors eliminate reading errors and inaccuracy due to parallax.
  • PTP is resistant to any electromagnetic effects and can be used in any weather.
  • Illuminated LCD-display

Permits the measurement of:

  • Track gauge
  • Flangeway clearance
  • Cant (superelevation)
  • Check-rail gauge
  • Back-to-back distance (check rail clearance)

Digital Measuring devices are used to set standards within the track and rail business. With the digital switch gauge and cant measuring device, this is once again demonstrated successfully. Due to the advantages of digital technology, the operation of the measuring gauge is simplified and an even higher level of accuracy and safety is offered, too. But there are some more convincing benefits while using the digital way of measurement.

Higher level of accuracy.
Digital technology.
Simple to operate.

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Digital basic measuring
Device: microprocessor–controlled, four–line LCD (2.9 X 0.9 inches, illuminated), optoelectronic sensor – resolution: 0.003937 inches, weight: 6.6 lb.
Memory module: storage capacity: 3000 measurements or 60 switches, 2 NIMH batteries-operation time: 25 hours, weight: 7.7 ounces, Dimensions: 2.9 X 2.6 X 1.2 inches
Software: for all switches and diamond crossings (with or without slip), for all gauges, freely programmable measurement points, theoretical values and tolerances, four-stage checklist, switch history, Windows 2000, NT 4.0 and XP (Standard delivery package: CD, handbook)
Switch caddy: operation level 28.7 inches above the top of rail, insulated, weight: 53 lb.