The Difference Between A Car Mover And A Railcar Mover

Nov 15, 2022 | Railcar Movers

A vehicle mover is an electrical machine that is used to move cars from one location to another. Vehicle movers are easy to navigate, they only require one operator to move the cars, and they can transport vehicles as heavy as 5,000 kilograms.

On the other hand, railcar movers are road-rail vehicles (able to travel on rail tracks and roads) with couplers for transporting rail cars. Railcars are a popular option because they a cheaper than paying railroad operators to do the moving, they are versatile since they can travel on rail tracks and roads, and they are convenient since the operator does not have to deal with traffic.    

How Do You Move a Railcar?

You can move a railcar in the following ways:

  •  Use a Forklift: When moving a railcar, using a forklift is an easy method but should not be used long term. With time, the forklift transmission dies out since the forklift drive train cannot move heavy weights for prolonged periods.
  • Use a Locomotive: Locomotives are one of the safest ways to move a railcar because these machines are heavy duty. Their tractive effort makes them more powerful. Locomotives are ideal when moving many railcars at a go, and they have fast travel speeds.
  • Use a Railcar Mover: Using a railcar mover is a safe mode of transportation because mobile railcar movers are designed for this task. Railcar movers are ideal when moving one to twenty vehicles at a go. Larger railcar movers can transport more than twenty vehicles; however, they are slower and have higher maintenance costs.

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What is a Railroad Trackmobile?

A railroad track mobile is a machine that combines the convenience of heavy-duty diesel equipment with the capabilities of a railroad locomotive without requiring a single mode of operation. 

A track mobile can transform your business in many ways. Its standard features include:

  • A trackmobile uses proven steel wheel technology as this guarantees the most consistent tractive effort. Steel wheels carry the load and equipment while on the rail.
  • If you are looking to purchase a trackmobile, you can find new, used, and rental units in the market.
  • A trackmobile is 73 percent more fuel-efficient than a locomotive.
  • Trackmobiles have one of the longest life cycles in the industry. 
  • When you purchase a trackmobile, you get greater operational efficiency and increased uptime.
  • Trackmobiles have an industry-leading cost of ownership with 36 to 50 percent lower maintenance costs.

Railquip, Inc is your rental and sales source for trackmobile railcar movers. Our company has a broad range of equipment from Trackmobile, the industry’s leading manufacturer of quality railcar movers. 

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What is a Shuttlewagon?

A shuttlewagon is a piece of moving equipment that provides smart and convenient solutions for towing more vehicles with ease. Shuttlewagons are ideal because they are larger and have the power and tractive effort to tow more vehicles.

How Much Does a Flatbed Train Car Cost?

A flatbed train car can cost anywhere between $100,000 and $150,000, depending on the train’s condition. This cost can go up because having the train certified can cost an additional fee.

Why Us?

Railquip, Inc provides railcar mover repair and maintenance. If any of your machines need to be repaired, you can count on our factory-trained technicians to get the job done. 

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Mobile railcar movers facilitate the seamless switching of operations. They are essential mainly because they give customers the freedom to move their vehicles conveniently, which keeps the entire plant running as smoothly as possible. 

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