4 Expensive Forklift Repairs and How to Prevent Them

Nov 15, 2022 | Uncategorized

No company wants to operate a machine that offers them anything less than 100% efficiency. In essence, companies run into costs worth thousands of dollars any time they experience minutes of runtime downtime. Forklifts are among the most commonly used machines in industrial operations. This explains why they are also the most common machines to face breakdowns in industrial settings.

But the truth is that a new forklift never comes cheap. Entities spend dollar amounts running into the six-figure range when making the bold decision to acquire this piece of machinery.

Nonetheless, entities account for large sums of money to cater for forklift repair costs. Remember, we are talking about a machine with the ability to raise over 30,000 pounds of load and costs over $100,000. Repairs for such an incredible machine will never come cheap.

If you are looking to operate a forklift over the long term, remember to account for the initial purchase costs and the repair costs that you will incur overtime. The machine is still very worthwhile, but it is essential to plan for the future.

It would be beneficial to learn more about the more frequent and expensive repairs that many people notice with this machine.

Here’s the list of the four expensive forklift repair situations and how to prevent them.

Forklift Electrical Repair

Remember, any forklift- whether it may depend on an LPG gas engine or is all-electric- greatly depends on an electric system to operate. So in the real sense, the electric system is the bloodline of your forklift. 

You need to be aware that the electric system controls vital elements of the forklift like the dashboard, the steering, the lift assembly, and the starter. All the forklift elements will depend on the electric system remarkably reveals why one must well maintain the fuses, batteries, and battery terminals.

Remember that forklift maintenance will help to minimize significant forklift repairs. But in many cases, you will still have to deal with forklift repair situations. This is a part of the process when dealing with material handling equipment.

One critical question here is, how much will the electric forklift system and its repairs cost?

Forklift electric system repairs will cost you anything between $1,000 and $1500. Thankfully, you do have more control over this situation. You may prevent such exorbitant costs by adopting regular electric system preventative checkups as it will avoid the massive mechanic bills associated with failures.

Here are other ways to prevent electric repairs in forklifts:

  •  Keep the batteries in good condition by storing them in the right place when not using and maintaining them after 5-10 charges.
  • Make regular fuse inspections and replace any that is worn out.
  • Be keen to assess signs of corrosion at the terminals and battery points of contact.

Transmission Forklift Repair Situations

The transmission system is the heart of your forklift. Your distributor will indeed grant you a warranty for a new forklift. However, it could be a draining repair ahead if an operator error caused the transmission failure. Remember that while the warranty is helpful and very useful, it is essential to note that it may be limited. If it is limited, you should be sure to take more responsibility and pay close attention to operating the forklift.

The right safety procedures and protocols with material handling equipment will help quite a bit in your forklift longevity management.

In essence, transmission repairs will cost you anything between $1,500 and $4,000 in labor charges alone for rebuilding the forklift transmission. Conversely, replacing the transmission system of the forklift could cost you quite a bit more. Remember, your mechanic may need to make a few purchases. This explains why you must be very careful with your forklift’s transmission system.

Even with the costly repairs, you may adopt these methods to minimize forklift maintenance trips to the mechanic in the Metro Atlanta area.

  • Ensure that the hub is granted regular maintenance
  • Instill timely transaxle fluid checks
  • Notify the management any time you realize signs of transmission slipping
  • Carry loads under the minimum capacity
  • Be keen to maintain proper fluid levels
  • Embrace a pre-shift checklist to ensure that the problem is identified before it becomes worse

If you can implement these processes and have the right training for forklift operators, you can minimize the costs of repair and replacement of forklift parts in Atlanta, GA.

Cooling and Radiator Repairs of Your Forklift in Atlanta GA

Cooling and radiator problems are not as common or as hazardous as other forms of repairs. However, the whole journey of replacing your forklift’s cooling system could quickly pile up and increase your costs. Remember, you may incur expenses over $3,000 if you face cooling and radiator problems when the system fails. 

But thankfully, there are standard ways to help you identify any warning signs presented by your forklift’s cooling system and the necessary preventative measures.

Here are ways to minimize the need for undergoing cooling and radiator system repairs when dealing with your forklift:

  • Be alert and make sure to identify any signs of leaks
  •  Always let the forklift cool down any time it overheats
  •  Be keen to maintain proper fluid levels

These different processes will help you from making frequent trips to a service department near you in Atlanta, GA. Remember, major forklift brands will make sure to provide various tips and guidance on the operation and maintenance of the vehicle. You can always gain insight into forklifts through these guide materials and minimize the costs that you may incur within your business.

These tips will also help you minimize your downtime in Georgia and enable you you take advantage of your equipment to the utmost while accounting for potential equipment issues.

Head Assembly Service and Maintenance in Atlanta

Head assembly could be the least of your worries if you are dealing with a new forklift. You will notice that your engine system is still under warranty in instances where you have a new forklift. But if you have an older vehicle, that could bring about more costs due to the lack of warranty coverage.

This makes head assembly a significant challenge for those who own old forklifts. However, this doesn’t mean that older forklifts are less efficient or may lack the ability to offer full performance once they attain a certain age. Remember, ahead replacement could cost you over $4,500.

Most head assembly issues occur when the forklift is put under constant strain as it starts wearing down. This shows the importance of adopting scheduled inspections. Similarly, you may prevent repairs associated with old forklifts by instilling regular/planned oil changes and maintaining a complete maintenance schedule. 

In most cases, proper maintenance procedures are meant to help you extend the lifespan of the forklift and prevent the need to spend thousands of dollars replacing key components or purchasing a new machine.

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